Looking for a great way to meet people, gain experience, share your skills, or simply learn more about Boscobel? Become an individual volunteer, or talk to us about how your group or association can get involved!

Gardens and Grounds
At certain times during the year Boscobel has opportunities for outdoor, grounds-related volunteer activities, such as clearing debris from the Woodland Trail or near the Pond. These projects are a particularly fun way for groups to get involved with Boscobel. Want to know more? Contact Boscobel Buildings and Grounds Manager, Rick Soedler at (845) 265-3638 x119 or rsoedler@boscobel.org.

Special Events
Helping out at one of Boscobel’s many special events throughout the year is a great way to get involved. Volunteers make a huge difference at our events by greeting visitors, giving directions or answering general questions about the event, the museum or the magnificent grounds. Enjoy interacting with the public? Contact Donna Blaney at dblaney@boscobel.org.

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