How do I get to Boscobel House & Gardens?
For more information about how to get to Boscobel, please visit the Directions & Maps page.

How much time should we plan for our visit?
To fully enjoy your time at Boscobel, plan on spending at least two hours. Please see our Hours and Admissions page for information about when last tickets to tour the house are sold.

Are pets allowed?
Boscobel welcomes service dogs (with proper identification), but all other pets are not permitted.

Is photography permitted?
Boscobel is one of America’s most beautiful places and understandably, guests are inspired to capture memories of their visits. Non-flash photography is permitted throughout Boscobel’s mansion and exhibition gallery except when it poses a threat to objects on view or interferes with tours or other guests. Devices must be hand-held (no tri-pods, “selfie” sticks, etc.). Video recording or photographing docent guides is not permitted.

Candid photography of all kinds is encouraged on the grounds and during all outdoor events. We appreciate posting to social networks. We are @BoscobelHG and #boscobel. However, engagement, wedding, graduation, and similar types of posed photography, and all commercial photography require advance written permission, fees, and insurance.

Is Boscobel available for commercial photo shoots, filming, movies, etc?
Boscobel welcomes your applications regarding photography on our grounds. With approval and by prearranged appointments only, the exterior property at Boscobel is available for all types of professional photography: commercial shoots, films, feature movies, fashion shoots, etc.

May I picnic on your grounds?
During regular business hours, visitors are welcome to picnic in the designated picnic areas on Boscobel’s grounds.

Is Boscobel House & Gardens accessible for persons with disabilities?
Visitors should be aware that the tour of the house includes walking several flights of stairs (up to first floor, down to ground floor and further down to a lower level).
Parking spots for persons with disabilities are located in the Main Parking lot, directly adjacent to the Carriage House.

What if it rains during a scheduled Boscobel event?
If you are not sure if an event will be held because of weather, please call Boscobel that day to confirm: (845) 265-3638 or check the homepage of the Boscobel website for cancellation announcements.

If a Boscobel event is cancelled, will you give a refund?
If Boscobel cancels an event due to weather, we will issue a refund. If it rains and the event is still held, there are no refunds. Check our website for rescheduling announcements.

How do I purchase Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival tickets?
You can purchase tickets in person at the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival Box Office in the Boscobel Visitor Center, on the HVSF website, or by calling the HVSF Box Office at (845) 265-9575.

May I bring my drone camera to Boscobel?
All remote-controlled camera drones or any other unmanned aerial or ground apparatuses are not permitted at Boscobel.

May I bring my skateboard to Boscobel?
Skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, hover boards and all like equipment are prohibited at Boscobel.

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