hi-res mapA new, self-guided audio tour — the only one of its kind in the Hudson Valley — is now available at Boscobel.  It provides you with spellbinding stories of the Hudson River Valley as you stroll through our gardens and grounds, admiring the breathtaking views.


You will hear how Boscobel was saved from the wrecker’s ball at the last minute and how our Independence was secured in the Revolutionary War by fast-thinking patriots right here in the Hudson River Valley. Interviews with Pete Seeger, Bobby Kennedy Jr., John Cronin, Bob Boyle, John Adams and others who fought and won the great environmental battles give you compelling, firsthand, eyewitness accounts about how the Hudson River and Storm King Mountain were saved, and who did it.


You will also receive an attractive map (see image above) in a keepsake brochure which gives you the menu of information available on the audio tour. You are free to pick any stories you want from among the three hours of stories in all.


The audio tour and brochure are included in your paid admission fee. So, relax on one of Boscobel’s benches, and experience the history of the Hudson River Valley as you never have before — with a dramatic audio tour on a path through history that includes views just as mesmerizing as the stories told.



To fully appreciate the Boscobel Audio Tour experience, we highly recommend you visit the gardens and grounds while listening to the recorded narration.


If you prefer to read the script, you can download it HERE.

Boscobel’s suggested “Not to Miss” 12 stories of how the Hudson Valley was saved:

  1. First responders in the Hudson River Valley (stop 4)
  2. Control the Hudson, control the war (stop 6)
  3. The Great Chain across the Hudson (stops 7 & 702)
  4. Thaddeus Kosciuszko: recruited by Franklin, promoted by Washington, befriended by Jefferson (stops 8 & 802)
  5. The deadly love triangle of Benedict Arnold, Peggy Shippen and John Andre (stop 903)
  6. America lost and then saved by three smart Patriots in Sleepy Hollow (stop 905)
  7. Why the Hudson River is Noah’s Ark (stop 111)
  8. John Muir in Garrison and with Teddy Roosevelt in Yosemite (stop 12)
  9. Bob Boyle, The Real Jolly Green Giant (stop 131)
  10. John Cronin aboard the Riverkeeper catches Exxon’s 750-foot tankers polluting the Hudson River (stop 162)
  11. Pampers used by Bobby Kennedy to save the Hudson River (stop 176)
  12. Four giants, including Pete Seeger, look to the future (stop 182)

Audio tour produced by Narrowcasters.

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