Posted 05/04/15

While on his/her tour of duty, security personnel are solely responsible for the security of all buildings and grounds at Boscobel. It is the assignment of security staff to insure that trespassers do not enter the grounds when the property is closed to the public and that personnel on duty are protected accordingly. He/she must also be familiar with procedures relative to emergencies effecting the buildings and grounds and immediately report any emergency situations to the fire, police or other appropriate agency, as well as designated supervisors. In the event of an emergency or unusual situation, a written report must be filed with the Supervisor and Executive Director. Reports directly to the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds.


Full time position with benefits. Work schedule is 4-12pm with some 12-8am shifts necessary.

Send cover letter and resume with references to Diane Gocha,


Boscobel values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer.

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