Chandelier, ca. 1805-1815
Maker: Unknown Birmingham, England
Patinated bronze and gilt; 42” high, 22.5” wide
Purchased, 1977 (IL 77.5)

This bronze and gilt Argand-type circular lamp chandelier has an urn-shaped patinated bronze oil reservoir and a gilded hoop, which supports crystal dropped pendants. The chandelier, which burned spermaceti (whale oil), has a glass dish under the reservoir to catch oil drippings. A manual winch system in the attic is used to lower the lamp for cleaning. The chandelier is retrofitted for electricity.

A painting “The Dinner Party” (c.1840-42; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) by Henry Sargent ( 1770-1845) , an American genre and portrait painter, shows a similar lamp with a pulley and counterweight system for raising and lowering the lamp.

This chandelier hangs in the second floor stair landing at Boscobel House.

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